Dr. Nesma Hadji
General Practitioner

A compassionate committed and enthusiastic General practitioner with 13 years of fully qualified experience, alongside with a successful history of diagnosing and treating a variety of common health conditions, who is expert in the Management of Health workers and providing training to them and having good skills in communication with the patient. She received her medical degree from the setif university Algeria in 2008. Solid track record working in medical emergencies and several other sectors as a general practitioner

Clinical experience

•General Practitioner in charge of occupational medicine.
•Provided general medical consultation for Adults, pediatrics, seniors, and chronic diseases.
•Appointed as chief physician of the polyclinic at Public Health Establishment of Proximity.
Worked as a dialyzer doctor in the Hemodialysis department where she took shift responsibility at the medical and surgical emergency department.
Appointed as a dialyzer doctor in charge of the hemodialysis unit at her private own family clinic, provided doctors and nurses training within the relevant field, and worked in the pandemic containment period (Implementation of all covid-19 related processes towards treating Hemodialysis patients)
●Training and certification
•General surgery 2007
•Pediatrics 2007
•Gynecology obstetrics 2008
•Hemodialysis 2015
● Languages
Arabic, French, English